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DX-288 thermal grease

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The first part of the chemical product and company identification 
Name / Name: thermal grease (Grease) DX-288 
1.1 product is good thermal conductivity and dielectric metal oxides and polyorganosiloxane compound formed, has the following characteristics: 
  1.2 has excellent thermal resistance, thermal conductivity greater than 1.2 W / (mK); 
1.3 excellent electrical insulating properties; 
1.4 wide temperature: Operating temperature -50 ~ 200 ℃; 
1.5 high temperatures quit, no flow of oil; 
1.6 Non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly. 
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Part II Typical uses
  2.1 is widely used as a heat transfer medium of electronic components, such as the CPU and 
   Interstitial radiator, power transistor, diode thyristor 
  Filling the gap at the substrate (aluminum, copper) contact, reduce fat 
  The operating temperature of the heat generating element. Where the GB-288 is a high viscosity type, special 
  Do not apply to manual dispensing. 

The third part of the use of technology: 
3.1 Cleaning the surface to be coated, remove the oil; 
3.2 In order to dispense more smoothly, it is recommended now with iron bars then stir 2min dispensing machines; 
3.3 and then direct extrusion thermal grease evenly coated surface can be coated 
3.4 Note construction surface should be uniform, as long as the can is coated with a thin layer. 

Part IV Technical parameters:

Project DX-288
Appearance White cream
Density (g/cm3 2.5-2.7
Penetration (1/10cm) 300±40
Oil from the degree (%,200℃/8h) ≤3.0
Volatility (%,200℃/8h) ≤2.0
Thermal Conductivity[W/(m·K)] ≥1.2

5.1 The use of thermal grease is not applied, the better, but in the guarantee 
The thinner the better to fill the gap under the premise. 

Part VI Notes 
  6.1 Before use, please consult MSDS. 
  6.2 construction site must maintain good air flow. 
  6.3 Wear protective equipment, such as goggles, special gloves, shoes and hats. 
  6.4 Avoid contact with skin and eyes, as your eyes, wash immediately with clean water and see a doctor if necessary, 
Contact with the skin with a dry towel to wipe and wash with soap. 
  6.5 product is for industrial use then. 

Part VII Packing 
  7.1 100ml plastic tube (net weight 150 ± 10g) 
  7.2 1KG plastic bottles (NW 1000 ± 10g) 
  7.3 30KG plastic barrels (NW 30000 ± 50g) 

Part VIII storage period 
  8.1 Do not place in direct sunlight, in a cool ventilated place. 
  8.2 of the reach of small children. 
  8.3 After opening use as a run, keeping the remainder, if any must be sealed and placed in a cool ventilated place. 
  8.4 Shelf life: 6 months, temperature: 25 ± 2 ℃.
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