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Clean, clean, clean, flooring, strong water from the wax DX-1908

This product has been specially formulated, penetration is particularly strong, can quickly remove a variety of water-soluble polymers floor wax or other dirt, wax stain removal with superior performance, with the washing machine or drag it easier to remove the old wax and dirt .

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid;

Specific Gravity: 1.07 (25 ℃);

pH: 12;

Viscosity: <50cps;

Solid content: 12 ± 0.5%;

Stored at room temperature (25 ℃): at least one year.


1. 3-4 times diluted with water, and mix well.

2. Land dragging the dilution evenly on the floor, soaking the ground 10 minutes.

3. With a washing machine with the appropriate sanding pad to remove the original layer of wax.

4. With a suction machine or mop clear water.

5. With a neutral detergent or water clean.

Note: Use in a well-ventilated environment. This product is corrosive, such as accidentally touching the skin or splash into eyes, please wash and go to the hospital immediately with plenty of water. Keep container sealed when not in use, to avoid the reach of children.
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