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The first part of the chemical product and company identification

Name / Name: flame stickers / K510

Use of goods: electronic products fell after soldering tin slag and slag material can be bonded with, no rot on the plastic timber wet / low odor, is a low viscosity, high solid content of product can increase coating speed and good flow and leveling.

Hazardous Classification: Hazardous substances, which may contain flammable substances, inflammatory substances

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Two. Composition / information / technology approved standard

Pure: Mixture: √

Chemical name:

Concentration of harmful substances CAS No:

70% organic solvent /

Acetate (Ethyl acetate) 30% 141-78-6

Toluene (Toluene) 20% 108-88-3

Solvent gasoline (Gasoline) 20% 8006-61-9

Three. Main Ingredients

This product is mainly made of synthetic resin, tackifying resins, antioxidants, sticky residue, an organic solvent, such as through a special refining process, the use of environmentally friendly materials, products meet ROHS standard limit.

Four. Uses

K510 oily stickers, widely used in electronic, electronic products fell after soldering tin slag and slag material can be bonded with printed trademark.

Five. Usage and Features

By brush, roller coating, dispensing methods such as construction, plastic bottles when working with a beak, beak size can be adjusted according to the mouth of the habits and uses, when due to solvent evaporation, relatively thick glue, available factory-specific dilution agents adjust the viscosity of the adhesive has held viscosity, transparency, tack and strong, single-component, easy to use.

Six. Packing

100ML / branch, 3 kg, 15 kg iron drums.

Seven. Precautions

When using the construction site to keep ventilation, avoid direct contact with the skin, away from fire.
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