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PAS-6700 silicone adhesive sealant -100ML


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The first part of the chemical product and company identification

Name / Name: Silicone / PAS-6700

Use of goods: fixed electronic components

Hazardous Classification: Hazardous substances, which may contain flammable substances, inflammatory substances

Engineers intelligence


Emergency Tel: 0442084323088

Responsible Unit: Institute for Quality Management Office / Liu minister,

Part II Product Features

PAS-6700 (flame retardant adhesive) is a one-component room temperature curing adhesive, white / black paste, excellent insulating properties, good adhesion. Moisture, shock, corona resistant, anti-leakage. Plastic materials for metals and most plastics good adhesion after curing has excellent resistance to alternating hot and cold performance (-50 ~ 200 ℃), especially for small electronic components and circuit boards of the adhesive seal, and the general compared to silicone adhesive, having excellent adhesion to a substrate, moisture resistant and excellent flame retardant properties.

The third part of the typical applications

One for the power supply and then fill seal, fixed and flame-retardant electrical and electronic components, insulated waterproof seal.

2, a variety of other fire-retardant sealing purposes.

Part IV use

1, will be sticky or coated surface finishing clean, remove rust, dust and oil and so on.

2, first with the tip cap sealing punctured hose, put the beak, the glue has been pushed to clean the surface, so that distribution will be sticky surface close fixed.

3, the coating parts in the air, the temperature can be put into use after curing 24 hours.

The fifth part Precautions

After the operation is complete, unused plastic should immediately tighten the cap, sealed. When used again, if the seal a little crust, can be removed without affecting the normal use.

Part VI Packing

100ml / support, 330ml / support, 2600ML / support.

Part VI storage period

Store in a cool dry place, shelf life of six months.

Note: The above data is based on our extensive income test, the results are reliable. However, due to the diversity of application conditions of use are beyond our control, so users need to be tested before use to make sure the product is applicable. My company does not guarantee the company under certain conditions, the use of my problem with the product, is not liable for any direct, indirect or incidental damages. Users encounter any problems during use, can contact our technical service department, we will try to provide you with as much as possible to help.
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